Different perspectives on hookup culture

In year 2013 to 2015, the word tinder hookup culture was started and popularized among the public. More and more people find it more appealing and beneficial than serious relationships, because one doesn’t need to make any compromise in one night hookup. Responsibility and commitment are also not required. All it has are fun, freedom and mutual satisfactory. That is the main reason for the thriving of hookup culture. There is no right or wrong in it. It is just two kinds of lifestyles. One group is the love supremacists and the other is fun supremacists. They are symbiotic in one society and even in one human-being. Today, we are going to talk about hookup culture.

How we start

Lily: We met on an online local hookup app free. We were matched and he initiated the conversation. I thought he was pretty funny by talking to him, so when he asked me out. I agreed. These days, dating and hookup apps are really great way to find someone to hookup with. I use them all the time, not because I don’t have the balls to meet people in real life. It is just because hookup apps are so convenient and there is no need to with all the things going on in my life and my job.

Dave: We met in a bar. I think it might be the most common places for people to meet and hookup. To be honest, I was there waiting for my friend, while she stood me up. I was not upset at all, because I saw a pretty girl sit there alone. So I came to her and said hi. I like meeting people in real life, because it is real and reassuring. I know people might call me old-fashioned, but I just more into it than hooking up with someone online. Different of opinions.

How it goes

Sandra: Usually, I invite him to my house or we went to a hotel together. I wouldn’t come to his house in the first date, because it is not safe, unless he is someone I know pretty well. We would maybe have some drink first to ease the atmosphere as well as our mood. When everyone is getting in the right mood, we start kissing and then into the bedroom. I didn’t always come, but it doesn’t matter. I enjoy the process more.

Tony: I think it goes all the same for guys with respect to the result, because we will always come. What matters the difference is with different girls. Their appearance might matter as shallow it may sound, but that is the truth. Hooking up with a girl that has big breasts and nice butt is more pleasant than hooking up with one that have neither. Also, what is more important than appearance is their personalities. I would rather choose a girl that is considerate but without big breasts and butts than a girl who is self-centered but with both the advantages.