Things that every Transgender woman have to face in a real world

Born with different identity or gender and turned into opposite gender isn’t that easy. Especially for transgender those are born into man and now turned into woman. There are many transgender women that are facing some serious issues in their life. They don’t get the respect in society or in their work place that they will deserve. And the most important thing is they are not enjoying their relationship like other cis women. Whenever they want to be in a relationship, their partner broke up with them after some time. However, there are many reasons that will create trouble for transgender women in real world but never been in a true dating or a relationship is will hurt the most. Few days before, I met a transgender woman and we two shared some good time with each other. I asked her about the life and the living and she will totally break up when she tried to answer these questions.

She is doing good and living a wealthy life, a handsome salary and a respective job but instead of all these things, she is still facing difficulties when it comes to dating and a relationship. Transgender women are facing some serious issues when it comes to dating and this is the thing where almost all transgender woman are struggling and still don’t able to get the best dating or relationship partner in their entire life.

She told me that she and her boyfriend just broke up as there are many issues that she is facing with her. They met on a local hookup app free. She is not getting the respect that she deserves from her boyfriend and that affect their relationship. Also she told me that her boy friend is not loyal with her and there are also trust issues with them. It happened in every transgender relationship as a dating between a transgender and a cis gender won’t go for long.

She said that she was into a relationship with many cis men but all of them was a complete disaster to her and every time she felt like used. And now, she was afraid to be in a relationship because of her past bad experience and the issues that she faces in the relationship. She is now start believing that relationship isn’t meant for transgender woman because they won’t get the proper treatment from their dating partner or love or care that transgender woman will deserve from them.

But that really isn’t a solution and you have to re-think about your relationship status and the person to whom you would like to be in a relationship. If you are not enjoying your relationship then there isn’t any point to keep that relationship on and go further. Continuous failure in relationship means that you have to calculate each and everything once again and to rectify the thing where you not are able to attract your dating partner or your dating partner getting bored from you and leave you behind with all guilt and sadness that you have in your relationship.