Tips on Dating Cougars

Cougar dating has always been a dream fancied by many young men. However, if you don't know the do's and the don'ts, you may wreck it up. Today, we are offering you some suggestions on how to date a cougar.

Be interesting and interested. Bring something to the table. Be interested in what she brings to the table. Ask about her and dig in. Be interested in the little things in why she does thing, in how she does things and what inspires her. Let her see that in you too. Have hobbies, interests and experiences that you can talk about and share.

Be curious about her and the world. Be fun. She is tired of the serious stifling uptight man who are her age and she is looking to you to have a little bit of fun. Don't try to be super intellectually stimulating. Have a glass of half-full attitude. Go with the flow. She is looking to you to have that feeling of renewed youth. Have that youthful exuberance. Be that person for her. Do things for her. She’s used to having things bought for her, not done for her. Maybe she is used to doing everything for someone else.

Instead of buying her a huge vase of roses, taking her out to an amazing meal and sending her to the spa. Create those experiences in your home or her home. Show up with groceries. Tell her that you are going to give her a one-hour massage. Put on music. Light on candles. Give her a massage without the expectation of sex after. Make her dinner as she relaxes while watching a movie in a bubble bath that you draw for her. Set the table and serve her a simply delicious meal. Repeat these things through your relationship. You will get generous pay back.

She might not be used to have things actually done for her by the person she is with. This simple act will make her feel so special, cared for and loved.

Compliment her beauty and intelligence. She is feeling like she is getting older. Her skin might be sagging. Her thighs are expanding. Her wrinkles are deepening. Thinking about those young chicks you might get just makes her feel like an old granny. Tell her how sexy how she is. How amazing her body is without tacking on the 4-year-age part of it. Compliment her mind.

Be a man. The more masculine a man is, the more feminine a woman feels. Be a man doesn't mean to be an asshole. It means you should make her feel safe and taken care of. Make sure she knows that in your arms, everything is going to be okay. Even though you are younger, maybe poorer and less successful, you are still the man. Lose that. Become insecure, act defeated or emasculated, you will lose her.

Some women want you to be their project. Some handsome young man who she can help mentor and guide to fulfill the potentials that she knows you have. When she asks tell her about your aspirations. Be passionate, enthusiastic and driven. If she wants to help, let her. But remember, you are still the man. Don't become her puppet. She loves your young and hot man attitude. She falls for who she meets initially. Don't lose that.

Make her feel like she is a priority. Make time for her. Make her feel special. Respond to her texts immediately. Bring her into your full life. Introduce her to your friends. If you are looking for a relationship, then you need to integrate your lives. It is not just you going into each others', you are integrating.

These are a few tips that you can attract an older woman. They might be different. Again, you must find out what she is looking for.