What to do if your wife wants to have a threesome while you don't?

If your partner tells you that she wants to have a tinder threesome with two males or one male and one female, what to do with it? Some people might agree to it without hesitation, while others might start questioning her loyalty, even break up with her. Both choices are wrong in regard to this matter. First of all, you should ask yourself, should I try a threesome hookup? As a matter of fact, every girl in her life have considered trying at least once group sexual behavior. If your partner decides to tell you her desire, it means your trust has come to a relatively high degree. She thinks it is okay to share this brave thought with you. Here are some great news:

First, your partner is open and honest with you. She thinks that there is nothing wrong with inviting another person into your bedroom or she thinks it won't hurt your relationship by doing so. Females are born bisexual, while males are not exactly. Many people still dream of their partner taking the first step and allowing them t have a threesome hookup.

If your wife wants to have a MMF threesomes, that means she is very confident with your sexual capability. Otherwise she wouldn't try to talk to you about having a threesome with another man. Many men refuse to be participated in a MMF threesome for the reason that they are not confident enough with their sexual capability, not out of jealousy.

Now we can see what we can do about it.

First, you shouldn't humiliate her for her sexual drive. The minute when you humiliate her for what she said to you honestly, she might never share her true feelings with you again. She might even choose to share it with her friends or even lovers.

Do not panic. Just because your girlfriend wants to have a threesome does not mean that she can manage to do that in the end. We all have our own fantasy, but most of them stay in our mind and never have the chance to come true in reality. In other words, she wants it does not mean she is able to achieve it in real life. But what if she really wants it in real life? Don't worry. There are many ways to experience threesome not necessarily includes another person. The next time when you are making love, you can buy a sexual toy and simulate double penetration. It can bring a lot of fun. You can blind her eyes and pretend that there is two persons pleasing her.

If the above method does not work and she still wants to have a real tinder for threesome, maybe it is time for you to really think about it. Having a threesome is not the end of the world, nor the end of your relationship. On the contrary, threesome can spice up your relationship and make it even stronger.