Transgender People are more likely to Commit Suicides

Compared with cisgender people, transgender people are under greater pressure in many aspects, which may come from transgender people themselves or from the outside world. This includes not only the pressure that transgender people face before their gender identity is affirmed, but also some unfair treatment they suffer in society. Moreover, according to the survey, transgender people also face greater discrimination and harassment among their peers. Because of these reasons, the physical and mental health of transgender people is relatively poor. Not only that, they also bear a greater risk of suicide. Among these transgender people, the number of people who think about suicide and commit suicide in the wrong way is twice that of cisgender people. But just as a person's gender identity cannot be clearly confirmed, these death certificates do not include a person's gender. As a result, the number of transgender people who commit suicide has not found an exact answer.

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Are transgender people more likely to commit a suicide?

Compared with many other types of people, transgender people are more likely to commit suicide, including heterosexual, gay and bisexual. Although these three types of people also bear great psychological pressure, according to the survey, transgender people are much more likely to commit suicide. Not only that, transgender people are more likely to have mental illness than any other type of person. There are many reasons why these transgender people want to commit suicide, which not only include that transgender people themselves are a huge source of pressure, but also many external groups will have some pressure on them. If the pressure of these transgender people cannot be released and they are not actively treated, the number of transgender people who commit suicide will be very terrifying.

To reduce the possibility of suicide in transgender people, we should find out the root cause of the tragedy and avoid the fatal factor as much as possible. According to people's survey, we can summarize the following reasons that can lead to suicide of a transgender. First of all, when a person's gender identity is inconsistent with their assigned sex, they will face great mental pressure. The second is their fear of transition, which will bring some negative effects to their life, and these negative effects will in turn affect their physical and mental health. What's more, most transgender people are often unable to get the support and understanding of their families. In addition, these reasons include social prejudice and unfair treatment of transgender people. Find local hookup app free.