Transgender People Need Your Respect

Do you have transgender friends, family or colleagues? If you have, then you definitely know what situation they are facing up with every day and how they think and behave. If you don’t have, you may never know how much pressure they take on because of people prejudice and how hard their lives are on account of people’s unfair treatments. And they wish to be treated in the same way other cisgender people. They are eager for love, for respect and for equal treatments in every aspect. Choosing to transition is not a wrong choice and there is no reason for them to be blamed because of that. Because of these kinds of pressure, many transgender people fall into depression, desperation and even are intending to commit suicide. Hence, to improve the situation of this trans group, everyone in the society needs to respect them and care for them.

  1. Use the proper pronoun

When facing up with these cisgender people, it is less likely for us to use the wrong pronoun because the way that the choice of the pronoun is based on one’s appearance can apply to this cisgender group. However, when it comes to transgender people, this method seems not to be applicable. Thus, many people are confused about what pronoun they should choose. You should know that trans people are sensitive to many things that cisgender people don’t care about at all. Thus, the wrong pronoun you use upon them may cause them a sense of shame. So, if you have no idea what his gender is and what pronoun you are supposed to us, you need to question them directly and politely ahead of time. Trust me. This can decrease the potential risks you encountered.

  1. Don’t alienate transgender people

It is hard for these trans people to make friends and establish intimate relationships with others. This is not because they are accustomed to the single state because some of them are eager for love and care, but because few of people are willing to approach them. Either is because they don’t know how to get along well with them or because they are reluctant to do so. Anyway, no matter for what reason, you need to be friendly to them. In the workplace, you can take them with you when you are going to have meals. At school, you can sit beside them and talk with them.

  1. Don’t comment on them secretly or publicly

For ts people, they need to make a decision on whether they need to go through a transition that is beyond the consideration scope of cisgender people. And usually, people are likely to comment on these novel things. Maybe you don’t know how your comments on them can exert negative influences on them. Your comments will make fear of facing the society and being more timid. What I want to convey is that no matter what decision they make, we shouldn’t and have no rights to comment on them. Find local hookup app free for ts dating.